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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Fixing a Very Big Leak

I almost missed this pretty amazing article in the Sunday NY Times, buried (no pun intended) in the National/New York section of my New England edition. It describes, among other things, the work being done by a team of commercial deep-sea divers to repair and evaluate damage on a section of the Rondout-West Branch tunnel, […]

iGEM 2008 Winners

Results are in. Go, Slovenia! Here’s a good early piece on the subject of synthetic biology and MIT’s resident former MIT, now Stanford-based synbio guru Drew Endy, a pioneer in the field. And a followup story, from earlier this year.

iGEM 2008 at MIT

I spent an eye-opening day at MIT on Saturday, attending the iGEM Jamboree, a competition for undergrads from schools around the world who are working in the emerging field of synthetic biology. I don’t pretend to be an expert AT ALL on this, but I am blown away by what these kids are doing — […]

Blue Is the New Green

The November issue of Inc. magazine contains a long piece I wrote on U.S. entrepreneurs who are using innovative technologies to change the way we get, treat, use, and reuse fresh water. When things start to settle down after the election and we start muddling our way through — and eventually out of — this […]