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Monthly Archives: August 2009

KQED Quest Online Video: Decoding Synthetic Biology

This lucid and nicely shot and edited online video from KQED in San Francisco documents a cool range of synthetic biology projects taking place in academic and commercial settings on the West Coast. Drew Endy, Jay Keasling, Jeff Tabor, and others make appearances. The bacterial photography that Tabor demonstrates is a refinement of work he […]

iGem 2009 Team Project Descriptions (Mostly) Up

As teams scurry to complete their lab work before the fall semester starts, we get a first look at what’s in store at the iGem Jamboree this fall. Links to all the team wikis can be found here. Below, the team I’m rooting for, from Harvard — with faculty advisors Jagesh Shah and George Church […]

Out There

From the newly “warm” Spitzer infrared satellite, a reminder that the universe is an ongoing creation, far from done with its inscrutable business. The images above show, clockwise from left, a cloud bursting with stars in the Cygnus region of the Milky Way galaxy, revealing young stars “tucked in dusty nests” in the poetic language […]

DNA Sequencing, the Horse Race

From the website of British nonprofit biomedical funding organization the Wellcome Trust, a nice article that includes clearly animated explanations of the current methods used for DNA sequencing, as well as a brief overview of “third generation” sequencers, which we should see soon. Companies mentioned include 454 Life Sciences, Solexa, Illumina, SOLiD, Pacific Biosciences, Oxford […]

La Caja China

Ponyo Clip

Miyazake’s imagination inhabits a very cool universe.

Masters Mini-Course in Synthetic Biology and Genomics

Were you not among the select few invited (list is in the link below) to attend the Edge Master Class called “A Short Course on Synthetic Genomics,” in Silicon Valley last week and organized by science super-book agent John Brockman, there’s six hours of it here on video. The presenters are Harvard’s George Church and […]