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Monthly Archives: February 2010

iGem in New York Times Magazine

Jon Mooalem has a VERY well written story on synthetic biology and iGem in this week’s New York Times Magazine, focusing on the underdog team from City College of San Francisco. (Mooalem also had a great segment on This American Life recently, about the self-storage industry.) Mooalem explains the science reasonably and concisely, and definitely […]

DARPA Synthetic Biology Hysteria

Wired Science and several other outlets have picked up a story about DARPA research with the apparent aim of alarming without truly informing. Apparently, as part of an announced budget for next year, DARPA — the far-out research wing of the U.S. military — isĀ investing $6 million into a project called BioDesign, whose aim is […]

Undersea Glow: Art & Science in Miami

‘Cleaner’ from MORPHOLOGIC on Vimeo. A Periclimenes yucatanicus shrimp cleans itself upon its symbiotic host, a Condylactis gigantea anemone, in a gorgeous aquarium installation by Miami-based Morphologic Studios. From their website: Morphologic is a scientific art endeavor led by marine biologist Colin Foord and designer Jared McKay. With the aquarium as our primary medium, we […]

“Fascinated with Synthetic Biology”

Cool short video with an enthusiastic Mac Cowell, “DNA hack.” (Sorry, can’t figure out how to embed.) Can’t wait for the “DNA Deck” of cards! Thoughtware.TV – Fascinated with Synthetic Biology