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Eco Homes Near Mt. Fuji

My college buddy Jake Reiner did a bunch of interesting things after graduating, from living in a treehouse in the Hawaiian rainforest to …. well, let’s say he’s done lots of things. But quite a few years ago, he found his way to Japan, and has made a home for himself in the area around Mt. Fuji, where he runs a green guesthouse and organic farm called the Earth Embassy. His company, Eden Homes, is developing eco-friendly houses in the area as well as renovating traditional Japanese houses to incorporate modern comforts and green technologies. Below, and left, are some shots of a renovation his team just completed near Lake Shojiko, and of a new home nearby, their first new construction in a complex called the Saiko Eco Lodges. And here is a video interview with Jake, talking about the guesthouse and farm, and his interesting childhood. These look amazing — can’t wait to see it all in person.

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