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iGem 2009 Team Project Descriptions (Mostly) Up

As teams scurry to complete their lab work before the fall semester starts, we get a first look at what’s in store at the iGem Jamboree this fall. Links to all the team wikis can be found here.

Below, the team I’m rooting for, from Harvard — with faculty advisors Jagesh Shah and George Church — which is working on a project or two involving optical communication systems in yeast.

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  1. […] The bacterial photography that Tabor demonstrates is a refinement of work he did originally while on the University of Texas, Austin, team in the first iGem competition in 2004. Jason Kelly of Cambridge-based synbio startup Ginkgo Bioworks has a post on the evolution of this project on the company’s blog. The 6th annual iGEM will be held at MIT this fall — you can read my post on this year’s team projects below. […]

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