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“Meet Ebola’s Soft-Spoken, Plant-Loving Arch-Nemeis.” Profile of scientist Charles Arntzen, a co-inventor of the drug ZMAPP. Fast Company, June 2015

Changing the Way We Think About Cancer: Interview with oncologist/author Siddhartha Mukherjee. Fast Company, April 2015

“How to Hunt Big Game.” Selling innovative tech to enterprise takes patience and know-how, but the payoff can be huge. Inc. magazine, March 2015

“The Most Entrepreneurial Group in America Wasn’t Born in America.” The business case for immigration reform. Inc. magazine, February 2015

How to acquire another business without crushing its innovative culture. Inc. magazine, July-August 2014

Urban Organics is growing fish and organic greens in the old Hamm’s brewery in St. Paul — and hoping to transform a community., May 2014

“How IBM Is Using Nanotechnology to Tackle MRSA and HIV.” Fast Company, May 2014

“Want to Be More Creative? Think on Your Feet.” How companies including Life Is Good use improv training to promote innovation and collaboration. Inc. magazine, April 2014

“Keeping Up With the Johnsons.” Will Johnson & Johnson’s new urban innovation centers help the pharma giant find new solutions for patients — and beat the patent cliff? Fast Company, March 2014

“What’s Your Story?” How to find, tell, and own your company’s founding narrative. With entrepreneurs Jerry Greenfield and Sarah Blakely, investors Scott Weiss, David Cohen, and Steve Jurvetson, and others. Inc., February 2014

“Obamacare Is Upon Us.” A small-business guide to surviving — and benefiting from — the Affordable Care Act.
Inc., Dec./Jan 2014

“Debunking the Myth of Innovation.” Is innovating less the real secret to business success? Inc., September 2013

“Model Organs in Miniature.” How organ-on-chip technology is transforming disease research and drug development. Proto, Summer 2013

“You Have Six Months to Get Healthy.” How four small businesses are bracing for Obamacare — and what that means for everyone else. Inc. magazine, March 2013

“Beyond Webvan.” How Winooski, Vermont-based MyWebGrocer got online grocery shopping right., January 2013

“How and Where to Make Money in 2013 and Beyond.” A report on trends, predictions, and hot markets, covering native advertising, appification, mobile payments, and the fragmentation of social media. Expert prognosticators include Hugo Prize-winning sci-fi writer Paolo Bacigalupi and Intel resident futurist Brian David Johnson. Inc. magazine, Dec./Jan. 2013

“Playing Chicken.” The worldwide controversy over testing a deadly strain of avian flu. Proto magazine, Summer 2012

“The Coming Revolution in Health Care.” Meet a new generation of entrepreneurs who are doing what Washington can’t seem to–fixing a health-care system that has grown impossibly inefficient and bureaucratic. Inc. magazine, June 2012

Generation Flux. An ongoing series of interviews with people whose eclectic career paths are the new norm.

“Bringing a Muslim Culinary Tradition Mainstream.” Story on Adnan Durrani and his company American Halal, which is tapping into an affluent and growing American Muslim market–and connecting with non-Muslim Whole Foods shoppers, too. Inc. magazine, June 2012

“Tapping the Prison Market.” Prisons are big customers for products that promote safety and sustainability. Inc. magazine, February 2012

“As Smartphones Get Smarter, You May Get Healthier: How mHealth Can Bring Cheaper Health Care To All.” Fast Company, February 2012

“Google Wants Your (Small) Business.” Why is Google giving away free business websites? Inc. magazine, December 2011

“Case Study: Targeting the Right Market.” Fun and Function had a successful business marketing directly to the families of special-needs kids. Targeting a larger, institutional market could mean faster growth — or the downfall of their brand. Inc. magazine, October 2011

“The Don’t Do Lists.” Designer Milton Glaser, Silicon Valley lawyer Ted Wang, venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson, and founder Jim Holland offer tips on logos, lawsuits, presentations, succession planning, and more. Inc. magazine, October 2011

“Moksha8 Finds New Life for Old Drugs in Latin America.”, October 2011

“SAGE’s Latest Knockout: $95,000 Lab Rats.” A division of scientific-chemical giant Sigma-Aldrich has built what it says is a better animal model for many human diseases. And the innovative technology they used could pave the way for tweaking DNA in higher animals, too. Fast Company, June 2011

“The Case for More (Not Less) Regulation.” A profile of Fred Keller, CEO of Grand Rapids plastics manufacturer Cascade Engineering, who wants American business to be responsible … again.  Inc. magazine, May 2011

“Support Groups for Start-Ups.” A look at events where budding entrepreneurs can polish their business pitch–before they get in front of real investors. Inc. magazine, February 2011

Entrepreneurs We Love: Chuck Lacy. A former president of Ben & Jerry’s has big ideas about grass-fed beef production. Inc. magazine, December 2010/January 2011

“Unleash the Merch-inator!” The story of Phineas and Ferb, the hippest, nerdiest, unlikeliest hit on TV — and, maybe, Disney’s very own SpongeBob. Fast Company, November 2010

“Bring on the Entrepreneurs!” A Special Report, Inc. magazine, July/August 2010 (written with Amy Barrett)

“What Makes Frank Run,” profile of biomedical entrepreneur Frank Reynolds and his company’s revolutionary treatment for spinal cord injury, Inc. magazine, March 2010

“Coping With Fury at a Price Hike,” case study on online music retailer eMusic, Inc. magazine, March 2010 (plus followup from February 2011)

“The Future of the Human Body,” Inc. magazine, October 2009

“A Recession High Note,” Inc. magazine, May 2009

“The Ultimate Business Tuneup for Times Like These,” Inc. magazine, January/February 2009 (contributor)

“Blue Is the New Green,” Inc. magazine, November 2008

“How We Did It: Crane & Co.,” Inc. magazine, October 2008

“The Sucess Gene,” Inc. magazine, April 2008

“Primetime Exposure,” Inc. magazine, March 2008

“Understanding Geeks,” Inc. magazine, December 2007

How I Did It: David Katz, CEO of AEE Solar, Inc. magazine, September 2007

Case Study: American Flatbread Franchising, Inc. magazine, April 2007

“Cafeteria 2.0,” Fast Company, December 2007


21 Top Time-Saving Cities, Real Simple, April 2010

Best Places to Live, 2009, Money magazine, August 2009 (contributor)

“13 Things Your Grocer Won’t Tell You,” Reader’s Digest, March 2009

“13 Things Your Dry Cleaner Won’t Tell You,” Reader’s Digest, February 2009 (Plus 5 More Things…)

“13 Things Your Kid’s Camp Counselor Won’t Tell You,” Reader’s Digest

“13 Things Your Computer Person Won’t Tell You,” Reader’s Digest

“13 Things Your Pharmacist Won’t Tell You,” Reader’s Digest

Make It Matter (profile of Robert Moody, founder of Reel Expectations program), Reader’s Digest, December 2008

“Easy Ways to Exit Awkward Situations,” Real Simple

“Simple Strategies to Avoid Privacy Leaks,” Real Simple

“How to Replace Practically Anything,” Real Simple

“What the Leader Wants,” Colors #64


“Which Tech Gadgets Are Right for Your Child?” Real Simple Family

“Checking Your Child’s Symptoms Online,” Real Simple Family

“Raising Good Grandparents,” Cookie magazine