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I recently posted about a great project in New York City called the Biobus. In August, the Biobus, in conjunction with the awesome science advocacy and investment group the Science House, will commence an ambitious program to distribute high-quality microscopes to schools around the world (free!), encouraging students to share and compare their discoveries online.

From the project website:

The MicroGlobalScope project will involve the students in your class collecting samples of microscopic organisms, from sources such as puddles or pools of standing water, leaf litter and other locations where microbial life can be found. Students will bring the samples back to their classroom to examine under the microscopes and identify with the help of their teacher and the microscopy resources provided.

An important aspect of MicroGlobalScope is collaboration and communication through the MicroGlobalScope website Here students will blog about their activities and upload photographs, to share with their international peers.

How do the microorganisms in a drop of pond water from the Northeastern U.S. compare to those found in Brazil, or in Bangkok? The project is designed for students 10-12 years of age. Teachers interested in participating (10 schools will be chosen for the pilot) are encouraged to apply here.

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