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Synthetic Bio Startup Gains a Foothold

Ginkgo Bioworks, a two-year-old parts-and-services provider for the burgeoning synthetic biology community founded by MIT alumni, has moved out of its “virtual” phase and into a new brick-and-mortar lab space occupying 3,400 square feet in the Marine Industrial Park on the South Boston waterfront, thanks to a $150,000 loan from Boston’s LifeTech initiative. As Xconomy recently reported, the company has been selected as one of two entities to support a $4.1 million government-backed biotech initiative in Scotland, which will seek to develop better ways to assemble synthetic DNA.  Ginkgo’s cofounder Reshma Shetty reports that the company has recently been been doing some assembly for a few of this year’s iGEM teams and helping with a redesign of MIT’s Registry of Standard Biological Parts. Can’t wait to see what’s up with that. Congratulations, guys.

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