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Synthetic Biology Updates from MIT and Woodrow Wilson Center

Reshma Shetty, a cofounder of Ginkgo Bioworks, and MIT biological engineering instructor Natalie Kuldell give their “Synthetic Biology for Dummies” talk in this discussion recorded in January 2009. Of course, the dummies in question are MIT students, so don’t feel too bad if some of this goes over your head. It’s long, but really fairly accessible, and it’s nice to see a couple of women taking a leading role in this new field.

In other synbio news, the project launched last year by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars to explore the ethical and public-safety implications of synthetic biology now has a fairly comprehensive website up and running. If you’re just finding out about synbio, it’s a decent place to find some definitions and get a sense of the lively debate brewing up as more people become aware of what’s going on here. Check it out.

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