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This Is Your Art on Drugs

This slide show from the Good website documents work by artist Bryan Lewis Saunders, who for years has been executing rather intriguing self portraits while under the influence of various illicit drugs and prescription pharmaceuticals, and combinations thereof. Below, cocaine. Yikes!

A Life of Their Own

Autonomous, kinetic beach creatures — strandebeests — constructed by Dutch artist Theo Jansen, from a new BBC One show called Wallace & Gromit’s World of Invention. Wow, wow, wow.

Ira Glass on Creative Work

Or, why you have to get through years of doing work you know is kind of crap. Because good taste alone doesn’t make you an artist.

Visualizing a New “Tree” of Life

New visual musings on synthetic life from artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsburg. Below, the “3-D Table Matrix,” one of several classification systems Ginsburg proposes.

Synthia in Context

James King, a designer/artist with a scientific bent, has a good article in Seed magazine on the various “flavors” of synthetic biology — a great, accessible introduction to what’s happening right now. Nice work! Below is video James made for his “Cellularity” project, exploring the scientific notion of “aliveness.” Cellularity from James King on Vimeo.

Undersea Glow: Art & Science in Miami

‘Cleaner’ from MORPHOLOGIC on Vimeo. A Periclimenes yucatanicus shrimp cleans itself upon its symbiotic host, a Condylactis gigantea anemone, in a gorgeous aquarium installation by Miami-based Morphologic Studios. From their website: Morphologic is a scientific art endeavor led by marine biologist Colin Foord and designer Jared McKay. With the aquarium as our primary medium, we […]

Visible Results: 2009 iGem Roundup

In its sixth year, iGem certainly looks like a viable colony, actively self-replicating. Once containable within the disorienting confines of the Stata Center, the event is now a sprawling, all-over-campus thing. With more than 100 teams and some 1,700 participants, this year’s competition took over lecture halls in five separate buildings clustered along “iGem Lane.” […]

Ponyo Clip

Miyazake’s imagination inhabits a very cool universe.

American Ingenuity

I just love Maria Kalman’s work. Love. This  … I don’t know what you call it — a graphic editorial? — manages to provide a succinct and compelling biography of Benjamin Franklin and say something important about the nature of American ingenuity not to mention the path to personal fulfillment. And it’s also just really […]

Maya Lin “Wave Field” Landscape Sculpture at Storm King

I love this — grassy hills shaped like waves, constructed in an abandoned gravel pit — featured in the New York Times today. (The Times site also has a video about Lin and this project.) Storm King, about an hour north of NYC, is a 500-acre open-air museum of large (like, huge) modern sculpture, including […]