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You Are Not a Gadget

By far one of the most interesting sessions I attended at South by Southwest Interactive last week, was a refreshing talk by Jaron Lanier, whom can I remember being a sort of techno-guru back when all this stuff was new. Anyway, he has a book out now called You Are Not a Gadget, a deeply […]

I Want.

Thanks BoingBoing for reminding me about the 33 1/3 series — a collection of small, really personal books, each riffing on a single pop/rock album, edited by David Barker. I can imagine holing up for the winter with the whole collection and the accompanying music. Of course, that’s not gonna happen. But … beautiful packaging, […]

Fixing a Very Big Leak

I almost missed this pretty amazing article in the Sunday NY Times, buried (no pun intended) in the National/New York section of my New England edition. It describes, among other things, the work being done by a team of commercial deep-sea divers to repair and evaluate damage on a section of the Rondout-West Branch tunnel, […]