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Synthetic Bio Startup Gains a Foothold

Ginkgo Bioworks, a two-year-old parts-and-services provider for the burgeoning synthetic biology community founded by MIT alumni, has moved out of its “virtual” phase and into a new brick-and-mortar lab space occupying 3,400 square feet in the Marine Industrial Park on the South Boston waterfront, thanks to a $150,000 loan from Boston’s LifeTech initiative. As Xconomy […]

DNA Sequencing, the Horse Race

From the website of British nonprofit biomedical funding organization the Wellcome Trust, a nice article that includes clearly animated explanations of the current methods used for DNA sequencing, as well as a brief overview of “third generation” sequencers, which we should see soon. Companies mentioned include 454 Life Sciences, Solexa, Illumina, SOLiD, Pacific Biosciences, Oxford […]

Blue Is the New Green

The November issue of Inc. magazine contains a long piece I wrote on U.S. entrepreneurs who are using innovative technologies to change the way we get, treat, use, and reuse fresh water. When things start to settle down after the election and we start muddling our way through — and eventually out of — this […]

Interview with Crane & Co. CEO in October Issue of Inc. Magazine

For an article in the current issue of Inc. magazine, I had the pleasure of speaking at length with Charles Kittredge, the current CEO of paper-maker Crane & Co. and the sixth-generation Crane family member to head the business, founded in 1801. Well known for its high-end stationery products, the company, based in Dalton, Massachusetts, […]