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Taking It to the Streets

Congratulations to the Biobus and DIYBio NYC on being awarded the Editor’s Prize for their entry in the recent Maker Faire in New York City. Rather than experimental advances — though those may come — I think that in the near term where DIYBio can and will make a significant impact is through education, both […]


I recently posted about a great project in New York City called the Biobus. In August, the Biobus, in conjunction with the awesome science advocacy and investment group the Science House, will commence an ambitious program to distribute high-quality microscopes to schools around the world (free!), encouraging students to share and compare their discoveries online. […]

The BioBus!

How about funding for 100 of these around the country? Learn more about the NYC-based Cell Motion BioBus here.

It’s Not About the Robot

The 19th annual FIRST national robotics championship was held in Atlanta last week, with teams from Redondo Beach, CA; Milford, MI, and South Windsor, CT taking top honors. More than 500 teams from 30 countries competed. FIRST founder, inventor Dean Kamen, presented awards to winning teams, joined by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. (Obama, Kamen […]

Defense Goes on Science Education Offensive With LabTV

Yes, it’s total military propaganda. But it’s also a pretty innovative approach to getting people — young people especially — excited about science. LabTV, a component of the National Defense Education Program’s website, focuses on scientists and engineers working in the U.S. Dept. of Defense, giving teachers, students, and science geeks a look at what’s […]

Emergent Playground Architecture

My friend Erin at the Cooper-Hewitt museum recently showed me a video about this collaboration between nonprofit playground builder Kaboom and architect David Rockwell, called the Imagination Playground. Got a bunch of press last fall, which I somehow missed. But this system of “loose parts” for kids play looks great. Official kits are kinda pricey, […]