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The Art and Craft of Real Chinese Noodles

Now I’m hungry. Great article from New York Times food section today. Cool video at Times’ site.

Who Needs a Fancy Knife?

Left, marks on bone provide evidence of Earth’s first “butchers” — who lived some 3.4 million years ago. In a paper published in the August 12 issue of Nature, a multinational team of researchers argue that microscopic examination of large ungulate bones found in the Awash Valley of Ethiopia reveals markings likely made by stone […]

Me Gusta Mexico

Ferment This! Biotech Basics

Here’s a Scrabble word for you: zymurgy. Apparently, the ancient science of fermentation — using microorganisms like yeast and bacteria to release enzymes that transform complex molecules in food into chemically simpler, although more complex-tasting ones — is a hot topic on college campuses. And it’s not just beer that’s being made. The New York […]

Access to Tools: Stewart Brand on Synthetic Biology

Interviewed in Newsweek on his latest book, Whole Earth Discipline: An Ecopragmatist Manifesto, Stewart Brand stands up against some of the most sacred cows of the mainstream environmental movement. The visionary behind the Whole Earth Catalog, early online community the Well, and the Long Now Foundation, who lives on a biodiesel- and solar-powered houseboat in […]

You Can’t Make This Sh*t Up

I’m a huge fried-chicken fan and believe that over-the-top indulgence has its place in an otherwise-healthy diet, but … still … KFC’s new Double Down “sandwich” gives me pause. Forget bread — here two boneless fried chicken breasts sandwich melted cheese (two kinds), bacon, and some unholy “special sauce” devised by the Colonel from the […]

La Caja China


Fresh carrots.

“Rock Star” Butchers

Whether they’re all as rock-star cool as these guys the NY Times is salivating over or not, it would be nice to see a true revival of the butcher’s trade, and especially the local butcher shop. Saveur magazine last year cited U.S. Department of Labor statistics showing that nearly two-thirds of America’s 122,830 butchers were […]

GM Food, All Bad?

Mention genetically modified anything to most sustainable food folks, and you can be pretty sure what you’re going to get: plenty of eye rolling and perhaps a heartfelt, self-righteous diatribe. This Greenpeace link sums up the view pretty well, I think. Looking for a way to reconcile my own whole-hearted enthusiasm for sustainable, organic food […]