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Speeding Up Evolution, More

People in the synthetic biology community have been excited for some time now about the potential of microfluidics to enable and advance their research agendas. Recently, a group composed of researchers from Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) and international collaborators demonstrated a new microfluidic sorting device, smaller than an iPod Nano, that […]

iGem in New York Times Magazine

Jon Mooalem has a VERY well written story on synthetic biology and iGem in this week’s New York Times Magazine, focusing on the underdog team from City College of San Francisco. (Mooalem also had a great segment on This American Life recently, about the self-storage industry.) Mooalem explains the science reasonably and concisely, and definitely […]

DARPA Synthetic Biology Hysteria

Wired Science and several other outlets have picked up a story about DARPA research with the apparent aim of alarming without truly informing. Apparently, as part of an announced budget for next year, DARPA — the far-out research wing of the U.S. military — isĀ investing $6 million into a project called BioDesign, whose aim is […]

“Fascinated with Synthetic Biology”

Cool short video with an enthusiastic Mac Cowell, “DNA hack.” (Sorry, can’t figure out how to embed.) Can’t wait for the “DNA Deck” of cards! Thoughtware.TV – Fascinated with Synthetic Biology

Outlaw Biology

Know what the DIYbio crew is really good at? PR and marketing. This event today and tomorrow at UCLA — “Public Participation in the Age of Big Bio” — has the makings of historic significance, though. *This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Molds and Map Making

When presented with oat flakes arranged in the pattern of Japanese cities around Tokyo, single-cell slime molds constructed networks of nutrient-channeling tubes that are quite similar to the layout of the Japanese rail system, with a larger number of strong, resilient tunnels connecting centrally located oats. Researchers from Japan and England reported their finding in […]

Oscillate Wildly

The hot synthetic biology video of the moment. Putting together molecular timekeeping and quorum sensing. Beautiful. Plus, bonus video for the obscure title reference of this blog post. Morrissey forever!

Rob Carlson on Synthetic and DIY Bio

Video interview from the Carlson’s new book on biotech, Biology Is Technology, is due out in February

Why “Minimal Organisms”?

The recent issue of Nature Biotechnology, which focused on synthetic biology, contained a concise and accessible editorial, “Unbottling the Genes,” outlining synbio’s next big goal, which seemed worth excerpting here: “There are many views on what synthetic biology is, and what it should be, but one aspect that differentiates this field from previous genetic/metabolic engineering […]

One-Page Synbio Intro, Courtesy of Seed Magazine

To print up your own copy of this stellar one-sheeter written by Drew Endy and Seed editor Lee Billing, go here.