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The New Creative Commons: Part 2

In a recent Inc. magazine story, I wrote about the Tech Shop and La Cocina, a kitchen incubator in San Francisco, as examples of physical spaces whose shared tools and resources are making possible a new wave of innovation and, with it, entrepreneurial activity.

In my research I came across information on another project that wasn’t yet far enough along to include, a nonprofit hacker space for “noninstitutional biology” to be located in Mountain View, California, called Biocurious. The founders — including Tito Jankowski, a very active figure in the DIYBio community — are currently raising seed funding via Kickstarter, which two of them have already successfully leveraged to finance an interesting-looking “Open PCR” project. Boing Boing recently spotlighted their efforts, too!

Check out the pitch, and pledge!

BioCurious from Ben Howard on Vimeo.

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